Spotlight on Chris Addison


The Thick Of It star Chris Addison is currently travelling the UK on his The Time Is Now, Again tour. But when he’s not on the road he relaxes at his ‘dragoon guarded’ South London home, he tells Amira Hashish…

"I have an office in the garden": Chris Addison

Where is your house located?
Directly in front of my garden and immediately behind my road.  It’s in South London.  You can’t miss it.

Who do you live with?
My family, several cohorts of dragoon guards and a battalion of vicious attack dogs.  So don’t even think about it.

What kind of property is it?
It was terraced but has recently become detached, which is a good lesson in why you should get a subsidence survey done before exchanging contracts.

Do you write material for your shows at home?
Yes. I have an office in the garden.  Well, I say I an office, it’s more an insulated gondola slung beneath a tethered hot air balloon, but it amounts to the same thing.  You can only write so much of it at your desk though – broad ideas and that.  The real writing has to take place in front of an audience.  I do that out in comedy clubs, not least because inviting the audience to my office would be no good.  We don’t have enough coffee mugs to go round.

How many bedrooms/bathrooms does it have?
Four bathrooms and just the one bedroom.  It was expensive to do and things can get a little cramped can never have too many bathrooms.

Do you have a favourite room? Why?
I think probably the observatory.  It has the nicest chandelier.

Any plans to move?
No, we love it where we are and the vicious attack dogs are ever so settled.

Would you like to tell us about any projects you are working on?
Why, yes! My DVD (Chris Addison live) is out and I’m currently on tour.  Details of both are at

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